Controllable video generation, starting from making any character move as you want.

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What is is an innovative platform that empowers users to generate controllable videos, providing the ability to make any character move as desired.

How to use

Utilizing is straightforward and versatile. Here's how you can harness its power:

  • Mix a character image into a motion video: Integrate a static character image into a dynamic video sequence.
  • Animate static characters with text motion prompts: Bring characters to life by describing the motion you want them to perform.
  • Ideate a video purely from text: Create a video from scratch using only textual descriptions.
  • Stylize your character with a text prompt and Viggle it: Enhance the visual appeal of your characters with custom styles through text prompts.

Viggle's Core Features

  • Mixing character image into a motion video: Combine still images with motion to create unique videos.
  • Animating static characters with text motion prompts: Use text to direct the movement and actions of characters.
  • Generating videos purely from text: Craft videos that spring directly from the richness of your textual input.
  • Stylizing characters with text prompts: Customize the look of your characters with ease through descriptive text inputs.

Viggle's Use Cases

  1. Creating animation projects: serves as a powerful tool for animators and creators looking to develop animated projects.
  2. Animating background characters: Enliven the background of your videos with animated characters that match the scene's mood.

FAQ from

Q: What can I do with A: With, you can manipulate any character's movements by integrating character images into motion videos, animating static characters with text prompts, generating videos from text, or stylizing characters with text-based prompts.

Pricing Information

While the pricing details are not specified in the provided information, it's reasonable to assume that offers a range of plans to cater to different user needs, from hobbyists to professionals in the animation and video production industry. For specific pricing, one would need to visit the Viggle Product Information page.

Privacy and Data Usage

Your data privacy is a priority. does not use your information for training purposes and provides the option to delete your account and all associated data at any time.

Subscription Information

Details on when or why you would need a subscription to are not provided in the template. However, it's common for platforms offering advanced or extensive use of their services to require a subscription. For more information on's subscription plans, please refer to their official website.